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The Gentleman Code – How to get a woman’s admiration in 5 seconds?

Getting someone’s admiration, especially a woman’s, might seem like a complex puzzle. But here’s a simple truth: women want to feel seen. Not just a glance or a compliment, but genuinely recognized for who they are. When you manage to do that, trust me, you’ve got their attention.

So, how do you make someone feel seen? It’s about setting an intention, something like, “I see you, and I recognize you.” Keep this thought in your mind when you’re talking to her, when you meet her for the first time, or even when you’re just passing by in the office. It’s not about a long conversation or a deep dive into her life story. It’s about that moment of connection, where through your eyes and your attention, you’re saying, “I get who you are.”

You can use this simple technique anywhere – at a business dinner, a casual meet-up, or even during a quick chat at work. But here’s a crucial bit of advice: keep it about recognition, not desire. In a professional setting or when you’re just getting to know someone, blending in desire can make things awkward and is definitely not the way to go.

It might sound too easy, but don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. This isn’t about big gestures or fancy words; it’s about a genuine moment of connection. And sometimes, that’s all it takes.

Now, if you’re thinking, “This is great, but I’m not sure I can pull it off,” that’s where I come in. Whether it’s getting over those jitters when meeting new people or finding that confidence to truly connect, I’m here to help. Give this approach a shot and see how it changes the game for you. And if you’re looking to dive deeper, overcome those inner hurdles, or just up your social game, drop me a message. Let’s get to work on unlocking your potential, one genuine connection at a time.

Unveiling the Path to Holistic Well-being: Journey into Transformation

Step into a realm where the mind becomes a canvas for transformation, energy becomes a guiding force, and archetypes illuminate the path to self-discovery. Philippe Jaspers, a passionate psychologist and well-being guide, beckons you to embark on a journey of profound exploration. With an unwavering dedication to unlocking the power of the mind and nurturing the spirit, Philippe’s approach transcends the ordinary, offering a holistic tapestry of insights and practices for personal evolution. Join him as he bridges the realms of psychology, spirituality, and human potential, inviting you to rediscover your inner essence and embrace the transformative journey ahead.

 Can you share a brief overview of your background as a psychologist and your journey into the realm of energy management?

 I commenced my professional journey as a work psychologist within a corporate setting, where I engaged in various facets of human resources. Subsequently, I ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing my own recruitment and headhunting firm. Having the right job, a job that fits you is a substantial element of your overall wellbeing and happiness. Currently, my focus has evolved to collaborating with both individuals and companies, specializing in fostering well-being and happiness. This transition reflects my progression from traditional psychology roles to a more holistic approach centered around energy management and overall positive experiences.

What inspired you to focus on the intersection of psychology and energy management in your keynote and workshop?

 I found inspiration during my post-COVID work in a hospital, where I as a psychologist specialized in enhancing resilience and burn-out prevention for the workforce. Observing a prevalent lack of energy among employees and witnessing overall fatigue, I became deeply aware of the crucial link between psychology and energy. This realization led me to explore and integrate energy management strategies and the profound impact that energy has on our psychological well-being and overall success. This exploration led me to integrate insights from various thought leaders, ultimately shaping my focus on helping individuals and leaders optimize their energy for their overall wellbeing and happiness.

How can we understand energy how do you define “energy” in the context of psychological well-being, and why is it crucial for individuals and leaders?

In the context of psychological well-being, “energy” represents the dynamic force influencing our mental, emotional, and physical states. It encompasses vitality, motivation, and resilience. Energy is crucial for individuals and leaders because it directly affects our ability to navigate challenges, make decisions, and sustain high performance. Lack of energy leads to Burnout and depression. Optimized energy leads to enhanced focus, productivity, and effectiveness in both personal and professional realms.

In your keynote, you discuss the impact of vibrational frequency. Can you share some insights on how understanding and aligning with this frequency can positively influence one’s life?

 In the keynote, I explore the impact of vibrational frequency and how aligning with this frequency positively influences one’s life. Everything in life is vibration. Even our thoughts and feelings are in a state of motion. This motion generates energy or vibration. Your thoughts, your emotions, and your attitudes all carry specific vibrations that influence the course of your life. Your energy and the energy of others is even very contagious, it’s very influential to other people surrounding you either positive or negative, and shaping your whole world! The Energy Pyramid concept provides a practical guide for managing energy effectively. It visualizes layers of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy, offering a holistic approach to personal and professional development.

What can participants expect to gain from your workshop on energy management, and how does it differ from traditional approaches?

Participants can expect to gain practical strategies from the workshop for managing their energy in daily life. It differs from traditional approaches by integrating insight with a holistic approach by combining insights from Western and Eastern science and wisdom. It acknowledges that our well-being is a dynamic interplay of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energies. By weaving together these threads, I aim to provide a more comprehensive understanding of energy management that can profoundly impact personal and professional development. The workshop empowers individuals and leaders with the necessary insights and tools to create a personalized energy management plan, fostering resilience, success, and happiness.

How do the concepts of internal dialogue and yoga play a role in energy management, and what techniques do you recommend for transforming internal dialogue?

The concept of internal dialogue plays a significant role in energy management. Transforming internal dialogue positively impacts mental and emotional energy. Also, the Yoga wisdom, influences emotional and mental well-being, providing valuable insights for individuals seeking a holistic approach to energy management.

What are some common challenges people face when trying to implement energy management practices, and how can they overcome these challenges?

People often encounter challenges when integrating energy management practices due to our innate inclination toward habits. As creatures of habit, even when we recognize that certain habits are detrimental to our well-being, breaking away from them can be a persistent challenge. Additionally, our minds act as containers for limiting beliefs, hindering us from tapping into our true potential and exploring the vast possibilities available to us. Overcoming these challenges involves a concerted effort to disrupt ingrained habits and address limiting beliefs, ushering in a transformative journey toward embracing positive energy management practices.

Real-life examples showcase successful applications of energy management principles, demonstrating the transformative impact on individuals and organizations. Common challenges involve implementing energy management practices, which can be overcome through awareness, consistency, and personalized strategies.

How do you see the field of energy management evolving in the coming years, especially in the context of mental health and workplace well-being?

 Are there emerging trends or technologies that you believe will play a significant role in advancing energy management practices?

The field of energy management is likely to evolve, especially in mental health and workplace well-being. Emerging trends may include technology-driven tools and deeper integration of energy management practices into mainstream health and wellness approaches.

In today’s globalized and interconnected world, how can energy management contribute to broader societal well-being and collaboration?

 In today’s globalized world, energy management holds immense potential for contributing to broader societal well-being. By fostering awareness and practices that optimize energy, we can enhance collaboration, empathy, and resilience on a global scale. This approach recognizes the interconnectedness of individuals and communities, highlighting the significance of positive energy dynamics for creating a healthier and more harmonious world.

For readers and listeners who are intrigued by the concept of energy management, what practical advice or steps would you offer to help them get started on their journey?

I advise starting with small, manageable steps. Begin by incorporating mindfulness practices, exploring areas of personal passion, and gradually building self-awareness. The key is to embark on the journey with an open heart and a willingness to explore the profound impact of energy on overall well-being.

How do you define “energy” in the context of psychological well-being, and why is it crucial for individuals and leaders?

In the context of psychological well-being, “energy” refers to the dynamic force that influences our mental, emotional, and physical states. It encompasses the vitality, motivation, and resilience that drive our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Energy, in this context, is not just a physical phenomenon but a holistic concept that encompasses our entire being.

For individuals and leaders, energy is crucial because it directly impacts our ability to navigate challenges, make decisions, and sustain high levels of performance. When our energy is optimized, we experience greater mental clarity, emotional balance, and physical well-being. This, in turn, leads to enhanced focus, productivity, and overall effectiveness in both personal and professional domains. Recognizing and managing our energy becomes a cornerstone for maintaining psychological well-being and achieving sustained success.

Could you elaborate on the Energy Pyramid concept and its significance in personal and professional development?

The Energy Pyramid concept is a framework that visualizes the layers of energy influencing our well-being. It consists of four key layers: physical energy, emotional energy, mental energy, and spiritual energy. Each layer interacts and contributes to our overall energy profile.

– Physical Energy: At the base of the pyramid, physical energy is the foundation. It involves aspects such as sleep, nutrition, and exercise. When our physical energy is optimized, we experience vitality and resilience.

– Emotional Energy: Moving up the pyramid, emotional energy encompasses our feelings and emotional well-being. Managing emotions positively contributes to greater overall energy and well-being.

– Mental Energy: This layer involves cognitive functions, focus, and mental clarity. A well-managed mental state enhances decision-making and problem-solving capabilities.

– Spiritual Energy: At the pinnacle of the pyramid, spiritual energy involves a sense of purpose, connection, and alignment with one’s values. It provides a deeper meaning to our actions and contributes to a fulfilling life.

Significantly, the Energy Pyramid is crucial in personal and professional development as it offers a holistic approach to energy management. By understanding and optimizing each layer, individuals and leaders can create a sustainable foundation for growth, resilience, and success. It serves as a guide for self-awareness, helping individuals align their actions with their energy sources for a more balanced and purposeful life.


The Dynamic Identity of Motherhood in the Workplace.

As Mothers’s Day in the UK was Sunday 10th March, I thought I’d take the opportunity to talk about the role and Identity of The Mother in The Workplace. This also goes in tandem with my role as a CSW68 delegate with UN Women UK and their current drive to: Invest in Women-Accelerate Progress.
Welcome aboard the wild wonderful journey of motherhood,  a rollercoaster ride through good and bad and where laughter is the ultimate survival tool. Strap in, folks, as we navigate the twists and turns of the world’s most unpredictable role. Motherhood. 

First up, let’s talk about the good stuff—the moments that make you want to shout from the rooftops, “I am the master of this parenting gig!” Picture this: your toddler’s first belly laugh, triggered by the silliest of antics, or the heart-melting sight of your little one asleep. Or when you stage a negotiation worthy of a UN peace treaty in order to get a sulky teenage daughter out of her bedroom. As she comes downstairs for her Quinoa and Kale salad with dramatic sighs and eye rolls that could rival a broadway diva..seeing her smile when she sees its take out Pizza for supper. These are the moments that remind you why you signed up for this rollercoaster ride in the first place—the pure, unadulterated joy of being a Mum.

But in truth being a working mum is more like juggling flaming torches while riding a unicycle on a tightrope, except the tightrope is made of spaghetti and the unicycle is missing a wheel! It’s a constant battle against time, where most mornings can feel like a high stakes game of beat the clock and the clock is winning! This is before you’ve even got to work!
And so we meet SuperMum, the fearless multitasker extraordinaire who’s not just climbing the career ladder, she’s pole-vaulting over it! Armed with a can-do attitude that can move mountains, she’s on a mission to conquer the corporate world, with her eye on the prize and her heart in the right place, she’s proof you can have it all. At least thats what she’s aiming for.

However, amidst the celebration of SuperMum’s virtues, there exists a darker narrative characterised by societal expectations, judgment, and unrealistic standards. The pressure to embody the idealised image of a perfect mother often leads to feelings of inadequacy, guilt, and self-doubt. How many of you reading this have experienced these feelings? From the pressure to balance career aspirations with caregiving duties to the scrutiny of parenting choices, mothers navigate a minefield of expectations that can take a toll on their mental and emotional well-being. So the question is:Are our businesses reflective of the needs of working mothers?

In many aspects the answer in general is no.. But by challenging stereotypes, advocating for change, and supporting one another, we mothers, leaders and bosses can redefine the narrative of motherhood, reclaiming our agency and shaping a more inclusive and compassionate world for generations to come.Let’s work towards the support of working mothers, by celebrating the myriad ways in which mothers contribute to both society in general and to business.Because despite these challenges, the resilience and strength of mothers shine through, as they navigate adversity with grace and determination, it is a testament to the transformative power of motherhood.

Let me share some of my own story about navigating motherhood with my work as a busy Costume designer in Film and TV, it goes a little like this:
Imagine a film set bustling with activity, with lights, cameras, and action at every turn. Now picture me, a determined mum on a mission, manoeuvring through the chaos with the finesse of a cat burglar and the determination of a bulldozer. With my trusty sidekick, aka my son in his wheelchair, by my side. There were times, If I couldn’t get carer for him that I would have to take him to the shopping mall and load up his wheelchair with bags and bags of contemporary fashion!! To make a deadline for a fitting with an actor. My son proudly called himself my Assistant Costume Designer.
As I wheeled my son onto the set, I couldn’t help but marvel at the absurdity of it all. Here I was, a costume designer with a penchant for creating glamour and storytelling through clothing, navigating the whole process while simultaneously wrangling a wheelchair through a sea of cables and equipment. But did I let that stop me? Not a chance. I would wheel him into the costume or make up rooms and let him chat up the actors. No matter how well-known they were, he would hilariously give them critiques of their performances in other shows he had seen them in! There was always laughter and acceptance around me as I  got down to business, determined to prove that nothing—not even my autistic son in a  wheelchair—could stand in the way of getting the job done. I have so much to be thankful for, because the industry I worked in was one that encouraged diversity and hugely tolerated, if not celebrated the unusual. Perhaps it was no accident that I stayed in that world until he was fully grown.

I make it sound far easier than it was. I didn’t have a partner for the majority of the time he was growing up. It was demanding, the hours were insane and exhausting and yet creative and fulfilling…It was ALL of it. It was a huge part of what formed my identity. I took much of what I had learned into the coaching practise I have today. I acknowledge with every high achieving woman I work with, how important her family life is and how we must integrate all parts of our lives for real harmony and better energy at work and in business.

So whether you are a partner, a friend, a colleague , a boss or a CEO and a leader yourself..I would like us all to think about how to break down those barriers that create difficulty for the working mother, shake up the status quo and unleash the unstoppable force of entrepreneurial and working mothers onto the world, because who says they can’t conquer the boardroom and the playground with style, sass and a killer sense of humour..Let’s just remember, no Mum is an island.
If you’d like to know about how I work with busy woman around the subject of their image and identity in the working world, or you would like advice around creating the your image/identity for personal branding, please get in contact through IG @image_identity_coach and hit the link tree for all contacts and information about my services.