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Corey Berrier: From Knocking on Doors in College to Becoming The Sales CEO


Tired of seeing businesses struggling to make sales, Corey Berrier entered the business coaching world in 2009. After creating the foundation for his sales career, knocking on doors in his college days, Corey built the ability to sell anything. As well as working with business owners, coaches and sales professionals helping them create 7 figure sales teams, ‘The Sales CEO’ began the ‘Successful Life Podcast’ with the mission to inspire.


Let’s go back to the beginning – who was Corey before sales?

The truth is I’ve always been a salesperson. Before I launched my personal training business in 2009, I had a bit of a rocky start. I was a heavy drinker and was heading nowhere fast. So I decided to quit drinking over 12 years ago because I knew I wouldn’t be able to achieve the success I wanted while drinking. To be transparent, it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.


When did you realise you wanted to take it one step further, transitioning from sales to business coaching?

My sales career began selling door to door in college, and it was brutal, but it gave me a solid foundation to sell anything. It also gave me the motivation to step into a more rewarding role. It gave me the experience I needed to excel in the future. 


In the sales industry, you’re working with customers who are most likely thinking ‘snake oil’ when they answer the phone. How does someone get past that barrier?

After selling my personal training company and buying a medical spa, I realized that my heart was in sales. I sold my medical practice and began working with business owners, coaches and sales professionals helping them create 7 figure sales teams with unbreakable confidence. 

I always label what the other person may be thinking. For example, “Hi, this is Corey Berrier, The Sales CEO, now you might be thinking I’m just another guy trying to sell you snake oil, you also may be thinking I’m just calling because I want money, you also may be thinking I’m just like the rest of the salespeople online, you also may be thinking I’m not trustworthy or that I’m going to take advantage of you?” The reason I label what you may be thinking is so you can relax and not feel threatened.

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What are three key traits someone should work on if they want to be successful in sales?

The three key things you want to in a great salesperson is empathy, the ability to communicate from your customers’ point of view. The second thing is showing the customer you are different from everyone else. The way you show up online and in-person should be the same. Finally, every salesperson should have is the ability to read body language and micro-expressions. Why? Because you can have a poker face, but you can’t have a poker body. 



I always see salespeople as confident people who excel at public speaking. How much of your pitch is prepared beforehand, and how much is an in-the-moment speech?

Preparation always wins. The reason preparation always wins is because it gives me the confidence going into the sale that I need to be effective and not waste anyone’s time. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes some unknowns come up, and it’s your job as a sales expert to pivot like it’s part of the plan. 



You began the ‘Successful Life Podcast’ at the end of 2019, and since then, you have hosted numerous successful entrepreneurs. What inspired you to create your podcast, and what does the future hold for Successful Life Podcast?

I started my podcast so I could share important stories from people that have truly changed peoples lives, and have a positive impact on the world. I’ve had the opportunity to interview some of the biggest names in their industry, and selfishly, it’s also given me first-hand experience through the lens of these amazing people. I’ve learned so much by interviewing over 100 business owners, influencers and thought leaders over the past two years. I have just started another podcast called The Market Disrupters Podcast, where we discuss industries that are disrupting the current market. As for the Successful Life Podcast, I’m going to continue helping others through impactful stories. 


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