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Global Woman Summit: 6 Speakers That Will Guide You to Success!

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A room full of women and one theme. Success. The Global Woman Summit; an event that targets women and aims to show them the steps and motivation to achieving their goals. The summit which will occur between the 5th and 8th of March usually hosts an in person lavish event which sees women from all over the globe attend. Although it’s had to move online this year that hasn’t stopped the C.E.O, Mirela Sula from hosting a virtual event that is sure to create the next round of successful entrepreneurs and business owners. The event which will feature a colorful panel of speakers all with the experience and knowledge to provide the steps to a successful lifestyle is not one to be missed.

Mirela Sula
CEO & Founder of Global Woman

Think Big & Go Global:

With more than 20 years of experience in the field, Mirela Sula is a woman that embodies the phrase ‘Go big or Go home’ while being the CEO of her own company (Global Woman) as well as an author and public speaker; she has managed to expand her brand to over 26 cities around the world, and she now offers you the opportunity to learn and gain knowledge on how to achieve this for yourself.

Jack Canfield
New York Times Best-selling Author

The Success Principles

With over 2.5 Million subscribers Jack Canfield is an empowering speaker (inducted into the Speaker’s Hall of Fame) who uses his personal life experiences to teach others how to   achieve their goals. The Harvard graduate has spent over 50 years teaching his success principles which has helped millions of people and now he brings his expertise to the Global Woman Summit this March.

Veronica Tan
Co-Founder of Success Resources

Find the Key to Your Success:

Veronica Tan is an entrepreneur who although born into the lifestyle of business knew it was not an easy road. Working with her husband, Tan has used her personal experiences to create Success Resources which provides a way of life with the aim of bringing the best out of people. With over 10 million people from over 30 countries impacted by her hard work. Veronica Tan now brings her knowledge and skills to the lucky ladies of the Summit.

Dr. Fab Mancini
#1 Healthy Living Media Expert & World Renowned Chiropractor

How to Create a Fabulous Life

Dr. Fab Mancini is a healthy living expert that uses his knowledge of health and the human body to promote a way of living that is both beneficial for the body and mind. The Harvard graduate is a renowned success with a

best-selling book (Power of Self-Healing) and a popular radio show

(Self-Healing with Dr. Fab). He has also shared his knowledge on multiple media platforms. The Dr’s work has been so inspirational he was honoured with a library named after him by the President of Mexico. The highly sought after public speaker is coming to the Summit and it’s an experience you won’t want to miss.

Kim Kiyosaki
Internationally Acclaimed Keynote Speaker & Author

The Rise of Women Entrepreneurs:

Author and renowned speaker, Kim Kiyosaki of the ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’  and ‘Rich Woman’ books, brings her educational and motivating views to the Summit this March. A previous speaker at the event, she has used her platform to encourage women to learn more about their money. Not only has she found success herself but is now using her platform to teach other women how to step foot in the entrepreneurial game and find their own wealth.

Rob Moore
Founder of the Rob Moore Foundation

The Power of Your Podcast:

With 6 Amazon and Audible Bestsellers under his belt Rob Moore is using his platform to create a much needed conversation around entrepreneurship. The prolific podcaster (The Disruptive Podcast & The Money Podcast) is using his platform to change the way people think about business. The self-made multimillionaire and public speaking record holder is on his way to the Summit this March and is ready to share his tips on how to achieve your own success in the business world.

With all these speakers joining us this spring at the Summit, it’s sure to be an impactful, eye-opening event. With many Global Woman members excited to attend it’s due to be an event that will change the way many women view themselves and will open the door to many skills and opportunities they never thought possible. All that’s missing is you.

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