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Dr Chopra: The Divine Feminine Empowered — Women for a Harmonious World

Interview by Mirela Sula

In a world that is constantly changing and facing numerous challenges, the resurgence of Divine Feminine energy holds great significance. Renowned authority Dr. Chopra explores the transformative power of this energy, which helps shift us away from predatory male energy towards qualities like empathy and cooperation – qualities essential for addressing global issues. This interview delves into harnessing the Divine Feminine’s attributes in leadership, examining the seven Goddess archetypes and empowering women with diverse talents to collectively drive positive change. Drawing inspiration from luminaries such as Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Chopra highlights the importance of self-reflection in achieving success while navigating multifaceted roles. Ultimately, it presents a compelling vision of a harmonious and inclusive world where financial well-being aligns with personal values and passions.


Can you please share your insight on the current rise of the divine feminine energy and why it is considered to be of great importance in our world today?

The rise of the Divine Feminine is significant because it represents a shift away from the dominant, predatory male energy that has shaped our history. This shift is essential as we face numerous global challenges, including climate change, violence, and more. The Divine Feminine embodies qualities like nurturing, empathy, and cooperation, which are necessary for our survival and a more harmonious world.

In the context of leadership, how can the qualities and principles associated with the Divine Feminine be harnessed and utilized in a positive and effective manner to inspire and guide individuals and organizations towards a more harmonious and inclusive future?

Effective leadership can be achieved by embracing the acronym “LEADERS”: Look and listen deeply, develop emotional intelligence and empathy, cultivate awareness, set smart goals, empower oneself and others, take responsibility, and create synchronicity. These principles, when applied, lead to a more harmonious and inclusive future by promoting empathy, compassion, and collective empowerment.

Would you please share and explain the concept of the seven Goddess archetypes and offer guidance on how those here can access and embody these archetypes in their lives for personal growth and empowerment?

The seven Goddess archetypes represent different facets of the Divine Feminine. They are:

  • Hera (leader),
  • Mother (nurturer),
  • Athena (wisdom and culture),
  • Aphrodite (love and creativity),
  • Artemis (nature and conservation),
  • Persephone (healer and alchemist),
  • and Hestia (homemaker).

It’s possible to relate to multiple archetypes, but identifying your major strengths is key. By recognizing your dominant archetypes, you can align with your true self and find people who complement your strengths to create a harmonious balance.

For women who feel a strong connection to multiple archetypes and possess diverse talents, how can they navigate their journey effectively while embracing their multifaceted nature?

Women with diverse talents and connections to multiple archetypes should focus on their major strengths while appreciating their multifaceted nature. By identifying and prioritizing their dominant archetypes, they can lead more effectively and seek collaboration with others who complement their skills. This way, they can navigate their journey with balance and purpose, using their various talents to create a harmonious and fulfilling life.

How can women harness their multifaceted talents and archetypes to contribute positively to their communities and the world as a whole?

Women can harness their multifaceted talents and archetypes to make positive contributions by recognizing their unique strengths and finding alignment with their passions. They should collaborate with others who have complementary skills to address community and global challenges. By embracing their diverse talents and archetypes, women can create a more inclusive, compassionate, and harmonious world.

In a world where women often juggle various roles and responsibilities, what advice do you have for them to maintain a sense of balance, well-being, and inner harmony?

Finding balance, well-being, and inner harmony is essential for women juggling multiple roles. They should prioritize self-care, practice mindfulness, and set boundaries to prevent burnout. Embracing their archetypal strengths can also help them align their actions with their true selves, fostering a sense of balance and fulfilment in all their endeavours.

How can women collectively harness their strengths and diverse talents to create a more peaceful, just, sustainable, healthier, and joyful world?

Women can collectively create a better world by recognizing their collective strengths and diverse talents. They should come together, share their visions, and collaborate across different areas of expertise. By focusing on shared goals, practicing empathy and compassion, and leveraging each other’s strengths, women can drive positive change and contribute to a more peaceful, just, sustainable, healthier, and joyful world.

In your experience, Dr. Chopra, what qualities, and archetypes have led to the success of powerful female leaders like Oprah Winfrey?

Oprah Winfrey embodies several powerful archetypes. She’s a storyteller, a nurturer, and a builder. She listens to and validates people’s stories, which has been key to her success. She’s also a feminist and focuses on empowering marginalized women, making her a role model for many.

How can women who identify with the mother archetype and aspire to be leaders navigate the apparent contradiction between these roles effectively?

Embrace the contradiction and ambiguity. Paradoxes are sources of creativity. Being a mother and a leader can coexist. Oprah Winfrey herself is a motherly figure to many and a successful leader. It’s about finding a balance and understanding that people want to tell their stories. Listen and validate them, and you can succeed in both roles.

You mentioned the importance of validation and listening to people’s stories. Can you elaborate on how this approach can contribute to success, as Oprah exemplifies?

Validation and active listening are keys to success. Oprah’s ability to genuinely listen and validate people’s stories has made her a remarkable storyteller and a successful journalist. When you focus on what you can do for others, it can lead to great success.

Oprah Winfrey also engages in philanthropic work, such as educating thousands of children in South Africa. How does her nurturing and giving nature contribute to her impact and influence?

Oprah’s nurturing and giving nature is a significant part of her impact and influence. She has nurtured thousands of children in South Africa, showing that being a nurturer and a leader can go hand in hand. Her philanthropic efforts align with her values and empower others, making her a role model for many.

In the discussion, you touched upon the idea of embracing contradiction and ambiguity. How can this approach benefit individuals and organizations striving for success?

Embracing contradiction and ambiguity is essential for creativity. Without paradoxes and conflicts, there’s no room for growth and innovation. It’s crucial for individuals and organizations to embrace these challenges, as they often lead to breakthroughs and unique solutions.

During the meditation session, you explored the concept of “Who am I?” and encouraged self-reflection. How can this practice help individuals in their personal and professional growth?

Self-reflection, as practiced in the meditation, can lead to self-awareness and personal growth. It helps individuals understand their true selves and their desires. Knowing oneself is crucial for making aligned choices in both personal and professional life.

You mentioned the importance of financial well-being as part of overall well-being. How can individuals achieve financial security while also pursuing their passions and values, as discussed in the conversation?

Achieving financial security while pursuing passions and values requires aligning your work with your purpose. It’s about finding ways to contribute to the world while also ensuring financial stability. This balance can be achieved by understanding what success means to you and recognizing that true success includes financial well-being alongside other aspects of life.

Mirela Sula & Deepak Chopra

In Conversation with Dr Ervin Laszlo: Part 2

Having turned 90 only last month, it’s hardly surprising that Dr Ervin Laszlo has a lot to say – and that’s before taking into account his distinguished portfolio of philosophical work and research. 

In part one, Dr Laszlo spoke to Global Man‘s Yassin El-Moudden about his beginnings as a young musician leaving Stalinist Hungary for piano recitals on the other side of the Iron Curtain. Discussion also concerned his influences from Bartok to Plato and parallels between the tumult of the 20th Century and the world crisis today. 

With the second and final part of this interview, the intriguing philosopher of science turned to focus on the present and the future. Relating to his involvement in the Upshift Movement, Dr Laszlo takes on accelerationist growth, inaction on climate change and historical determinism. 

Q: There’s an interesting point you made at the end (of part one) about making sure we move forward. History is a topic that quite a few philosophers have grappled with – I think of Walter Benjamin and his notion of history. So, am I right in understanding that you see history as being of a cyclical, rather than linear, nature. It can go backwards, instead of always progressing?

A: Well, that’s the case with any process which is not a deterministic process. There are no laws that define and decide what is to happen. In such a situation, that includes freedom – which in a negative sense is chaos, in the positive sense it is opportunity. There is an element of freedom to choose, to choose the way we want to go.

There are limits to nature – these are the limits of life – but we have to choose if we want to exempt ourselves from the limitations and possibilities of life on earth, which means the ecology of our living systems on earth. To exempt ourselves, go our own way and just try to subdue what is around us, that is the way big business and big government have been moving in the recent period, producing the unsustainability. The crisis – I think, even the health crisis – is human-made, by probably bringing in (for instance, the food chain) elements that don’t belong, because you’re always using everything that is possible to use as long as it makes some profit.

Q: How do you go about changing that? 

A: So, I think the opportunity of making use of this freedom, is here and it is now. We need to introduce the values, the mindset, a new paradigm. It’s what the Germans call, Weltanschauung – an overall “worldview”. Right now, it’s become antiquated.

We thought it would be scientific, that it would compete, because “the strongest survive” as Darwin said. It’s a mistake. Not even Darwin said that, but his followers interpreted it like that. Or that everything is moving according to rigid mechanical laws, that the universe looks like this and humans can’t interfere – that’s the Newtonian heritage. So, we thought it was scientific.

It turns out the new sciences talk about interconnection, non-locality and consciousness having a dominant and key role in life. It’s very different. Quantum physics, quantum biology, psychology and now, emerging trends in society and politics as well. This is a time to change. Above all, we need to change our mindset, so we may change our values and behaviours.

If we can change ourselves, we can help the world around us to change. As you know, Gandhi said “be the change you want to see in the world”. That can be contagious, it’s more contagious than any virus – in a good way, of course.

Q: If we focus on Hungary, after the collapse of the communist regime in 1990, how would you rate the transition from communism to liberal democracy?

A: Under communism, the regime belonged to a left-wing extreme and now it is very much of a right-wing extreme, which may or may not last. It is clear that it is not a truly open, democratic system and that has been the case for the last decade or so.

Q: You’ve talked a lot about the need for change from within. Regarding your involvement in issues such as the environment, what is the role of structures in combatting climate change and building a better world? 

A: You need a democratic society. You need a society that recognises that there are limits to growth. The role here of being aware of who we are is of great importance. Climate change is a key test, actually. We have ignored our belonging to the systems and ecology of life. We are deforesting, we are over-mining, we are polluting, because we thought that anything can be done – anything that is technically feasible.

New technology can be employed to make a profit and as long as that is the case, there are no other boundaries. Sure, there are some laws that we need to respect, otherwise we’ll be caught, as it were. Yet, within these laws, we can do whatever we want without any regards for the consequences and that is the kind of classical liberalism which has backfired. This is because there are natural constraints on structures, on what we can create, on who we are and what our societies are.

We have to act within the confines of the processes of life. By going beyond, we have created artificial forms of living. Artificial foods, clothing and modes of communication that have created negative feedback. The consequence of this is more unsustainability.

Q: That’s intriguing. It reminds me a bit of what somebody I previously interviewed once said. Essentially, even when we develop new technology, we reproduce old ways of thinking within that. When you mention ‘negative feedback’, is it the artificiality that is the problem or what we, as humans, instil within it? 

A: It’s the lack of recognising that not anything we can do, we should do. As long as it makes a profit. That created a human system on earth, that is moving in the direction of being a cancer (even if it is not exactly that). It reproduces itself at the cost of the planet, which is what a cancer does.

Q: Are you optimistic about the near future? 

A: The horizons are shorter than we once thought. The problems are becoming much more acute, much more visible and they are not new problems.

Global Woman Summit: 6 Speakers That Will Guide You to Success!

Aluat Deng

A room full of women and one theme. Success. The Global Woman Summit; an event that targets women and aims to show them the steps and motivation to achieving their goals. The summit which will occur between the 5th and 8th of March usually hosts an in person lavish event which sees women from all over the globe attend. Although it’s had to move online this year that hasn’t stopped the C.E.O, Mirela Sula from hosting a virtual event that is sure to create the next round of successful entrepreneurs and business owners. The event which will feature a colorful panel of speakers all with the experience and knowledge to provide the steps to a successful lifestyle is not one to be missed.

Mirela Sula
CEO & Founder of Global Woman

Think Big & Go Global:

With more than 20 years of experience in the field, Mirela Sula is a woman that embodies the phrase ‘Go big or Go home’ while being the CEO of her own company (Global Woman) as well as an author and public speaker; she has managed to expand her brand to over 26 cities around the world, and she now offers you the opportunity to learn and gain knowledge on how to achieve this for yourself.

Jack Canfield
New York Times Best-selling Author

The Success Principles

With over 2.5 Million subscribers Jack Canfield is an empowering speaker (inducted into the Speaker’s Hall of Fame) who uses his personal life experiences to teach others how to   achieve their goals. The Harvard graduate has spent over 50 years teaching his success principles which has helped millions of people and now he brings his expertise to the Global Woman Summit this March.

Veronica Tan
Co-Founder of Success Resources

Find the Key to Your Success:

Veronica Tan is an entrepreneur who although born into the lifestyle of business knew it was not an easy road. Working with her husband, Tan has used her personal experiences to create Success Resources which provides a way of life with the aim of bringing the best out of people. With over 10 million people from over 30 countries impacted by her hard work. Veronica Tan now brings her knowledge and skills to the lucky ladies of the Summit.

Dr. Fab Mancini
#1 Healthy Living Media Expert & World Renowned Chiropractor

How to Create a Fabulous Life

Dr. Fab Mancini is a healthy living expert that uses his knowledge of health and the human body to promote a way of living that is both beneficial for the body and mind. The Harvard graduate is a renowned success with a

best-selling book (Power of Self-Healing) and a popular radio show

(Self-Healing with Dr. Fab). He has also shared his knowledge on multiple media platforms. The Dr’s work has been so inspirational he was honoured with a library named after him by the President of Mexico. The highly sought after public speaker is coming to the Summit and it’s an experience you won’t want to miss.

Kim Kiyosaki
Internationally Acclaimed Keynote Speaker & Author

The Rise of Women Entrepreneurs:

Author and renowned speaker, Kim Kiyosaki of the ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’  and ‘Rich Woman’ books, brings her educational and motivating views to the Summit this March. A previous speaker at the event, she has used her platform to encourage women to learn more about their money. Not only has she found success herself but is now using her platform to teach other women how to step foot in the entrepreneurial game and find their own wealth.

Rob Moore
Founder of the Rob Moore Foundation

The Power of Your Podcast:

With 6 Amazon and Audible Bestsellers under his belt Rob Moore is using his platform to create a much needed conversation around entrepreneurship. The prolific podcaster (The Disruptive Podcast & The Money Podcast) is using his platform to change the way people think about business. The self-made multimillionaire and public speaking record holder is on his way to the Summit this March and is ready to share his tips on how to achieve your own success in the business world.

With all these speakers joining us this spring at the Summit, it’s sure to be an impactful, eye-opening event. With many Global Woman members excited to attend it’s due to be an event that will change the way many women view themselves and will open the door to many skills and opportunities they never thought possible. All that’s missing is you.

Sign up here to attend this amazing event: https://www.globalwomansummit.com/home25794403





Green Coast – a brand new luxury resort in Balkans – is strategically built in Palasa, one of the best locations in Albanian Riviera, between the cities of Vlora and Himara. The village of Palasa is known for its rare natural beauty, as it displays a unique combination of mountain and sea, a place where you can experience all flavors of the four seasons. Palasa Beach, adorned by a glorious ribbon of white sand and rock lapped by turquoise waters and endless underwater beauties, is the first reason to plan your gateway to this magnificent oasis in Albanian Riviera.

Palasa is a historical name that dates back to the ancient Pelasgians. Julius Caesar landed his army on Palasa beach from Brindisi on his battle against Pompey, who was located in Orikum. At that time, Palasa was a trade center making use of its harbor until the pirates made it their target, this then brought about its economic destruction.    

The Greek soldiers used the light of the white rocks of the stream, which they called “the White Routes’ to guide themselves in the sea, known as “Delta”.

The gastronomy, vegetation, farming complete the puzzle of this area exquisiteness.

Albania has been identified and increasingly evaluated as an up and coming world-class destination for foreign tourists. Prestigious international media such as Lonely Planet, the Huffington Post, Telegraph, RaiTre, etc., are listing Albania among the places to be visited. A warm climate and 300 sunny days annually offer the opportunity to enjoy the sea tourism, mountain tourism, cultural and historic tourism, the agriculture and the gastronomy.

Being near Italy, Montenegro, Greece, and Croatia, having rich natural resources and a welcoming nature and being also a low-cost destination, Albania is becoming the favorite Mediterranean destination.


Green Coast Luxury Resort extends on more than 20 hectares of land, offering a selection of properties that combines the elegance of architecture with the precious values of nature, history and culture. A variety of luxurious, stylish and spacious villas with garden and apartments overlooking the sea, a 5-stars luxury hotel, integrated service, entertainment facilities, and a promenade along the seashore will exceed the residents and visitors expectations. The Green Coast Hotel is projected to welcome visitors throughout the year, so guests will enjoy the nature of this wonderful place and services during all seasons.

The first properties and Waterfront promenade services will be available this summer, with the first phase due to open in the second half of 2018.

In addition to the beauty of the nature, Green Coast provides proximity to other touristic locations rich in historical and cultural values. Here we mention Vlora and Saranda that are about 1 hour away, or Himara that can be reached within 30 minutes’ drive.

The location at the resort also provides great opportunities for sport lovers to indulge in various sports activities, such as sailing, diving, canoeing, parachuting or exploring the sublime and almost untapped underwater world. The professional guides will be hired to organize tourist trips around the villages, taste the exquisite local foods, enjoy the scenery, and visit archeological places and other historical sites. Green Coast Luxury Resort will offer for its inhabitants or hotel guests in the winter, the possibility of doing winter sports with special dedicated areas.


Green Coast is the project under development that will bring a new standard in the Albanian tourism with dedicated and specialized services. For those looking to make an investment in the growing vacation and property market in Albania, Green Coast Luxury Resort offers investment opportunities services to its current and future clients, local and international ones: Property Management and Investment with partnership.

Property Management – All the residents of Green Coast Resort can be part of this program, which will be supported by an exceptional and dedicated team, committed to providing clients and visitors with a great accommodation experience and well maintained houses. The Property Management program has a high-rate investment return starting at a minimum of 3% in the first few years up to 10% per year after 2020.

Investment with partnership/co-ownership – The “co-ownership investment” is a form of purchase borrowed from the best European examples where 2 or more co-owners invest in a property at Green Coast with different quotas over the property price. The rights and obligations of the co-owners stem and are upheld based on the investment quota. Each investor/owner acquires the title of ownership over the unit in proportion to his or her investment quota.

Albania is becoming the ideal place of investments in real estate because of the welcoming environment, low taxes, cheap living standards, and pleasant weather. The Albanian legislation does not represent any obstacles to the purchase of a property if the person is not an Albanian citizen.

The rights on property and common areas are provided in the Civil Code of the Republic of Albania. As well as this, the insurance over the ownership title is regulated according to the notary system.

For more information, visit www.greencoast.al , or contact the Sales Office on [email protected]/ : +355 69 80 55 251