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Marco Castelli: Let Your True Self Shine

Marco Castelli always felt more creative and so felt truly drawn to his modelling material, he got into the modelling world from there. Marco was catapulted to Milan when he was contacted by several agencies and worked for several brands. He also created his own charity gala with an auction where the proceeds went to a cooperative for charity in Sicily. The theme of his auction was a great microcosm of his philosophy: There Is No Light Without Love. The benefits of modelling include the experiences in general, working with geniuses and admirable minds, travelling the globe to be shot where the effect is greatest, and discovering the reality of fashion.

Modelling is a part of Marco’s DNA for whom there are many great designers. Read Marco’s interview to find out what new era fashion is facing. Marco brings out his one true essence through artistic means where he excels into the uncommon. For Marco there is no such thing as coincidence and with good reason. Marco sees the future for what it is: individuated and expressive, and his brand Marco Castelli Collection finds a prescient foundation in this very philosophy. Marco Castelli Collection aims to provide garments that speak with the authentic voice of the wearer, enabling this authenticity to come to the light.

Marco Castelli

What are you most excited about with your brand?

The fact that I can create and share with the world my vision and sense of fashion.

This is central to my “why” and it is a key factor behind my motivation.

What are the benefits of modelling?

The benefits of being a model certainly are the experiences in general. Models have the luxuries of working with geniuses and admirable minds who interest and captivate you. Travelling the globe to be shot where the effect is greatest is of sincere benefit as it means that the job can be optimised for its result all while I am travelling the world and seeing different cultures and people. For my passionate and inquisitive mind, I must say discovering the reality of fashion and what it really is counts for another great benefit for models. Fashion allows models to try such a versatile range of clothing with different qualities and styles. This has allowed me to come to understand the value of each fashion brand and the real difference between fast fashion, mid fashion, and high-end fashion. It is a major reason I know perfectly that my brand has one specific direction and target.

What are your thoughts on the future of modelling?

Modelling is a part of my DNA. I think the model’s life is an opportunity to express one’s sense of fashion not only for a brand but also to identify a personality and give to the audience a dream of the perfect look.

Marco Castelli

Who are your favourite designers and what is it about them that inspires you?

There are many great designers, but what inspires me about them is their nature, music and energy.

This is important to me because this can completely change the appearance, the purpose, and the effect of a brand.

Marco Castelli

What is your opinion on the fashion industry?

We are facing a new era of life in general spheres of thinking and life. So in the fashion industry too: it’s time not to be only eco-friendly but to really be producing what the world needs! Less production and more quality is the climate’s call.

What is your biggest business regret?

I have no business regrets, naturally as a result of always following my dreams. The only thing I miss often is my family whom I love and from whom I have received unerring love.

Marco Castelli

What would you say is the most important life lesson that has shaped you into who you are today?

Fashion is art and art expresses personality.

It comes to eventually determine our identities as it moulds us into who we are to become. The producer behind my art I see again: A determined boy…humble thanks to the education of a splendid family—my great pride. From them I have gained my deepest life lessons. Thanks to them I learned to love myself as I am and to bring out my one true essence (personality). I learned that I have much to appreciate in my life and that loyalty is a key part of everything I do. I understand that you must bring out all the beauty there is in humanity & all our talents. I understand the need for substance’s transcendence over appearance! Another thing that is important is resilience. To me that signifies the ability to cope with stress and adversity, coming out strengthened, drawing on the positive side. Nothing ever happens by chance. We have as a world come to the realisation that everything that happens in the chain of events is exactly that—a chain of events with cause and effect tying each event to the next and the next to the earlier. Everything has a cause before it and every cause has its effect. Take, for instance, the example of dropping a ball. If you drop it, it will fall, and to the ground, because of the force of gravity. If you would like to see the ball do something more than hitting the ground like flying over a tennis court’s net, you will usually hit it with a racket and the harder you hit it, the more likely it is that it will go over the net. What is the central theme behind these laws? Cause and effect, as Paulo Coelho also mentions in his book—the alchemist! Reading that book can sometimes be as simple and necessary as making up the wardrobe.

You once said in an interview that we create our own destiny and go in the direction of our own imagination. What is your vision for the destiny of Marco Castelli Collection?

Through my garments I want to mirror people and bring out their own identity as they begin wearing my garments.

The soul of my project is TIMELESS. Through my garments I want to mirror people and bring out their own identity as they begin wearing my garments. One must be free to feel as they truly are (in a world of fake appearances & influences). The future of my collection will express itself in this: Be yourself & Be Awaken! “Love yourself for what you are, and you will be what you want! It’s nice to be told thank you for the beauty that you bring to the world.

Marco Castelli

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